August 24 / 2020 / 8:00 PM

Chequin is a personal project

There are ideas that change paradigms: Facebook did it with friends, Uber did it with transportation, Airbnb did it with accommodation.

In my search for an idea with potential, one of my children asked me how the Internet worked, and I explained him about the IP addresses of the servers and the domain names that mask them. Upon hearing this, his question was brilliant: why do phones have numbers, but they don’t have domain names? This is the heart of Chequin, emulating a domain name for phones.

After two years of development, procedures, permits, licenses, registration of patents, trademarks, etc. Today they allow us to offer a free, simple application with two basic functions that the potential to become much more, that is our plan.

Today we offer you the opportunity to be a part of this project, we have put up for sale 5% of the value of Chequin, which includes the brands and patents that we have registered. You can invest from one dollar, also your participation helps us to advance more quickly in the development of the many projects that we have in mind.